What is RACE for Education?

RACE for Education is one of the "Big 3" fundraisers that helps support the operating budget of Holy Family Elementary. This fundraiser is run by parent volunteers through the RACE for Education committee.

When does this fundraiser take place?

This fundraiser takes place in the spring, usually during the month of April. When the fundraiser is active, current information can be found on the website's Live Feed and or on Facebook.

How do I support Holy Family Elementary via the RACE for Education fundraiser?

Students walk, jog or run around a 1/8 mile area as many times as they are able within one hour. You can support HFE by sponsoring a student with a donation based on the number of laps they complete or with a flat donation.

How does this impact the students of Holy Family Elementary?

Funding our operating budget helps us provide the necessary resources for our students to learn, grow and thrive in their faith and academics.

Sponsorship form can be found here.