HFE’s Fall Fundraiser, "Cajetan Cash" is LIVE now, running through all of September!

Friday, October 8th
3:00 PM
HFE Facebook Page – Live!
Presence at drawing is not required.

RAFFLE PRIZES: $1,000, $2,500, $5,000, and $10,000

TICKET PRICE:  $10 -- Tickets are available for sale from September 1st thru October 1st.


Ticket numbers will be emailed to buyers by October 4th.   
*If a buyer doesn’t have an email address, please take down their full mailing address so the info can be mailed!

Checks should be payable to:  HFE
Anyone can also order tickets online at the link here!

  • Sales goal per family = 40 tickets
  • Ticket holder must be 18 years or older
  • One student per sales sheet
  • Do not have one check split into different sales sheets
    • Example: Grandma buys tickets from all three of your kids, each kid should have a sale with payment for their sales sheet
  • Ticket holders will be emailed with their ticket numbers and raffle information by October 4th.
  • If a ticket holder does not have an email address, get their physical address so we can mail them their ticket information.
  • Return sales sheets in with payments to homeroom teachers weekly in an envelope marked CAJETAN CASH.
  • Tickets can also be purchased online at and search Cajetan
  • Purchaser will be prompted to attribute sale to one student

Return your sales sheet weekly to your homeroom teacher on the dates listed below and receive a prize!!

  • 9/8 – Dum Dum Day
  • 9/15 – Cookie Coupon Day
  • 9/22 – Ice Cream Cone Day

Four Student Drawings

  • Students will be entered into drawings for each book of tickets they sell
  • Book of Tickets = 10 tickets = 1 Entry into drawing
  • Once student earns entry into drawing, it is valid for all remaining drawings
  • The more books of tickets you sell, the more entries you earn!

    **9/10/21 Drawing:  $25 HFE Bucks Gift Certificate
    **9/17/21 Drawing:  $50 HFE Bucks Gift Certificate
    **9/24/21 Drawing:  $75 HFE Bucks Gift Certificate
    **10/8/21 Drawing: Electric Scooter!

The highest seller in each classroom receives $25 CASH!!!

Super Seller Party – Everyone can win!

  • Super Sellers are students who have sold 4 or more books of tickets
  • Taco Shop lunch provided on a special day for all Super Sellers

Student who sells the $10,000 winning ticket will receive $100!!

If you have any questions, email
or contact Olivia Becker at 785-259-7132! Thank you!


Student-Parent Info Form,    Student Seller Info,    Order Form