Updated COVID Mitigation Plan

Last week the Ellis County Department of Health presented an updated mitigation plan for our schools. The plan was approved on Sep. 15 by the School Advisory Councils and took effect on Sep. 16. 

Active case numbers are inclusive of all students, faculty, and staff of both Holy Family Elementary and TMP-Marian due to the many shared families. Active cases will be discussed at the weekly Joint Principal Meeting on Tuesday mornings and the Ellis County COVID Advisory group meeting on Thursday mornings. The stage of mitigation will be determined and communicated through the school newsletter on Fridays and implemented the following Monday. 

Household COVID positive cases are required to quarantine by the Ellis County Health Department and return to school dates are determined by their office. Please do not send children to school if a member of the family is testing or will be tested for COVID. Please do not send children to school if they are not feeling well. The Ellis County Health Department may choose to quarantine a cohort group that has three or more active COVID cases as a mitigation strategy.

Our goal is to keep students and staff healthy, keep healthy students and staff in school, and continue in our excellence of faith formation, academic achievement, and social-emotional development. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and continued flexibility.

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