Uniform Sale

What: Uniform Sale (Used uniforms, Spirit Shirts & Schoolbelles)

When: Wednesday, July 13th 2022 from 11:00-3:00

Where: Little Theater

Who: Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend!

Please note:

1. The doors will be locked until 11:00. We will NOT be allowing any early birds to shop before 11:00 in order to give everyone a fair shot at the used uniforms. Please, do not put us in an awkward spot by arriving early stating that you need to get in…we will NOT allow it. The sale is first come, first serve and we will not be doing any holds of any kind.

2. Used uniforms can be paid for by cash or check only. All items are $5.00, this includes polos, spirit shirts, preschool shirts, shorts, skirts, pants, sweaters & hoodies. What we have out is what we have and they will be displayed by type and then size.

3. Spirit shirt orders need to be placed at this time or at enrollment, we do not sell them at any other time during the year. You will receive these shirts shortly after school begins. Spirit Shirts must be paid for by cash or check.

4. Schoolbelles typically does not bring uniform pieces to purchase/walk away with at the sale. They are there to help fit your child for uniforms via samples and to help you purchase what you need through their online website. This is a great time to ask questions, get a feel for your child’s size and get help ordering the pieces that you need! Bonus…they typically offer a discount on sale day!

5. Gone Logo does not attend the sale but samples of their pieces will be available for viewing. The decision was made last year for them to stop attending  the sale due to the fact that they have an actual physical store located right here in Hays. No need to worry, they are available for all your uniform needs, anytime Monday-Friday! They have most everything in stock to try on/purchase but sometimes they will have to order certain pieces if they run out of physical stock. We have been told that they are having a hard time receiving certain pieces, please be aware of this. They are super friendly, knowledgeable about our policy and easy to work with!!!

6. Representatives from our Uniform Committee will be at the sale to help with any questions you may have about the uniform pieces or our policy.

7. As always, If you have any questions about the sale or our uniform policy, you can contact the following people: Tracy at tperrett@hfehays.org, Amy at achurch@ruraltel.net or Kelsi at kj_hoffman@hotmail.com

More information about Schoolbelles, Gone Logo and our uniform policy can be found here.