School Enrollment Information

What: Enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year

When: Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022 from 7:30-2:00

Where: Little Theater, enter & exit through the West doors.

Who: At least one parent from each family must attend.

Table 1

Turn in your enrollment paperwork here.  You will hang on to the Device Waiver & Payment Options Form as you travel from table to table. The office staff will sort your enrollment paperwork immediately upon you turning it in and they will notify you while you are still at enrollment, if you are missing any forms, so that you can take care of it before you leave.

You will receive your enrollment folder here. The folder contains fliers about information you need to know to start the school year. Attached to each folder is a receipt with your child’s name and homeroom on it. You will carry this folder/receipt with you from table to table.

Table 2:  

If you ordered a 2021-2022 yearbook, you will pick that up here. 

If you would like to order a yearbook for the 2022-2023 school year, you will do so here. The fee for the new yearbook will be collected at the payment table. 

You will view your child’s homeroom assignment and class list for 2022-2023 here.

Table 3

Stop here to visit with Home & School and HFE Bucks committee members. Fliers on how to order parent t-shirts & HFE bucks and details about Home & School meetings, parent committees and fundraisers will be in your enrollment folder. HFE Bucks will be available for purchase and if you are new to school and this fundraiser, a committee member will be available to help you set up your account with the Raise Right app.

The Home & School fee will be collected at the payment table.

Table 4

Stop here to visit with our After School Care directors and register your child for this program if needed. The After School Care registration fee will be collected at the payment table.

Table 5:

Stop here to visit with our I.T. Director to get your fingerprint scanned into our door lock system. He will also be there to help you with the Device Waiver form.

Table 6:

Order preschool & spirit shirts here. Fees for shirt orders will be collected at the payment table.

Table 7:

Stop here to put money on your child’s lunch account, purchase cookie coupons and pick up an August menu. Payment towards your child's lunch account will be collected here.

Tables 8 & 9:

You will turn over the receipt you were given at table 1 and pay your enrollment fees, including the above fees collected from table to table. You will take out any fliers you’ve collected and turn over the folder you were given at table 1.

Paying monthly or quarterly? Please see Karla, our bookkeeper at the first table.

Paying fees in full? Please see the second table.

Fee assistance and/or an HFE Bucks credit, will be applied to your balance before enrollment and will be reflected on your receipt.

Questions about enrollment? Reach out to Toni in the office by phone 625-3131 or email