Welcome 1

At Holy Family Elementary, we have the most amazing faculty & staff. The commitment and dedication of those who work here is like no other. They walk in their faith every single day and love our students fiercely. Each and every one of them brings something unique to the table and we would not be the school we are without them. 

When a member of our faculty & staff leaves, we are saddened and oftentimes feel like something is missing. But God never leaves us feeling that way for long. He brings us the exact person we need to fill that gap and make us whole again.

This year, God brought us Mr. Rene Lucio. He stopped in to pick up Substitute Teacher paperwork in the spring and we were immediately impressed with him. And when new teaching positions began to pop up, we knew that Rene would be a good fit for our Art/STREAM block teacher. We are happy to have him with us and we invite you to take a moment to get to know him and to welcome him on our social media. 

Name: Rene Lucio

Position at HFE: Art/STREAM Teacher

Tell me about your familyI am married with 2 children. Ashli, my oldest, will be going to Loyola University this fall to get her masters in political science and public speaking. My youngest, Eric, will be a junior at Hays High this year. My wife Amy works at the town library as an early literacy coordinator.

Tell me about your previous work experience: I taught and coached in Dallas and in a suburb of Dallas named Richardson. I taught Bilingual/ESL to students 1st through 7th grade.

 Tell me about your hobbies, extracurricular activities, what you like to do outside of work: I love football and sports in general. I also like the arts, such as musicals, and plays.

Tell me why you are excited to work at HFE: My children went to catholic schools in elementary and middle school in Dallas and I was impressed with what they did there. I volunteered a lot while they were there. I am seeing this new position as a new adventure that I can contribute to from my past experiences and I can’t wait to get started.

Describe the personality trait you think you have that will best support HFE and our faculty & staff: I have always been told that I am very positive and I get along with everyone.

 If you could go back and witness any specific moment in history, what would you choose: There are so many I am not sure I can pick just one.

If you were offered a trip to any foreign country, where would you choose to visit: Possibly Spain or Germany.

If you could be any age again for one week, what age would you be: Maybe 19