Welcome 1

At Holy Family Elementary, we have the most amazing faculty & staff. The commitment and dedication of those who work here is like no other. They walk in their faith every single day and love our students fiercely. Each and every one of them brings something unique to the table and we would not be the school we are without them. 

When a member of our faculty & staff leaves, we are saddened and oftentimes feel like something is missing. But God never leaves us feeling that way for long. He brings us the exact person we need to fill that gap and make us whole again.

This year, God brought us Mr. Hector Hernandez. He brings a personable spirit with him and he is ready to bring his love of band to our students. We are happy to have him here with us. We invite you to take a moment to get to know him and to welcome him on our social media.

Name: Hector Hernandez

Position at HFE: Band Director

Tell me about your family: My parents are Hector Hernandez Sr. and Coralia Hernandez, I am the oldest as I have 2 younger siblings, Andy and Johnathan. My father is in the Army and they are currently stationed overseas in Kaiserslautern, Germany. I got married during the pandemic. My Wife Celeste is currently in school at FHSU and my little boy Leonidas, we call him Leon for short, is going to be 2 in November.

Tell me about your previous work experience: I started teaching in August of 2020, in the middle of the COVID pandemic. I taught for 2 years at Dodge City Middle School. I will be starting my 3rd year of teaching at Holy Family Elementary and TMP.

Tell me about your hobbies, extracurricular activities, what you like to do outside of work: My hobbies include building scale models, fishing bass and playing percussion with my son, even though he is under 2. 

Tell me why you are excited to work at HFE: I am excited to be at a new school in my teaching career and to build a program for the Catholic Schools of Hays!

Describe the personality trait you think you have that will best support HFE and our faculty & staff: I believe I am easily approachable and talkative. I would also consider my hard work ethic to really be a plus to TMP and the Band Program. 

What annually televised sporting event is an absolute must-see for you: European soccer, specifically the UEFA Champions League Final. Additionally every 4 Years, I will always watch the FIFA World Cup!

What aspect of your daily routine do you look forward to the most: Listening to the beginning sound of a band instrument. And seeing how students improve everyday!

In your opinion, what is the best piece of music ever written: Oooh man this is a hard one. In my personal opinion, Pytor Tachikovsky Symphony No.6 “Pathétique”. This was one of the last pieces I played at Fort Hays before I started my student teaching in Dodge City. This piece will always hold a special place in my heart.