Welcome 1

At Holy Family Elementary, we have the most amazing faculty & staff. The commitment and dedication of those who work here is like no other. They walk in their faith every single day and love our students fiercely. Each and every one of them brings something unique to the table and we would not be the school we are without them. 

When a member of our faculty & staff leaves, we are saddened and oftentimes feel like something is missing. But God never leaves us feeling that way for long. He brings us the exact person we need to fill that gap and make us whole again.

This year, God brought us Miss Kallyn DeWitt. She is an alumni of both HFE & TMP and continues to immerse herself in both schools even after graduating. She comes to us as a paraprofessional for 2nd Grade and coaches C team girls volleyball for TMP.  Her faith is strong and she is excited to share it with our students. Our school has been blessed with her enthusiasm and go-getter attitude. We are happy to have her with us and we invite you to take a moment to get to know her and to welcome her on our social media.

Name: Kallyn DeWitt

Position at HFE: Paraprofessional

Tell me about your family: I am from Hays, Kansas. I am the daughter of Brian and Michelle DeWitt and I also have two older sisters named Kaylee and Kelsie.

Tell me about your previous work experience: I previously worked at The Center for Health and Improvement doing many jobs such as lifeguard, locker room attendant, play center attendant, swimming lessons, and water aerobics instructor. I was able to teach Totus Tuus through the Salina Diocese this past summer. I am a junior at FHSU and this is my first time working in a classroom. I have already learned so much being at HFE!

Tell me about your hobbies, extracurricular activities, what you like to do outside of work: I am an active member at the Comeau Catholic Campus Center at FHSU, I also coach C team volleyball at TMP, and I love to read, hang out with my family, play sand volleyball with my friends, and listen to music in my free time.

Tell me why you are excited to work at HFE: I went to HFE and TMP as a student and I have always wanted to teach at a Catholic school. Through Totus Tuus this past summer, I realized how much I want to be able to talk about faith with the students in the classroom. Having the opportunity to go to Mass with the students showed me how excited I am to teach at a Catholic school someday. 

Describe the personality trait you think you have that will best support HFE and our faculty & staff: My positive attitude - I love to be positive when it comes to learning and teaching. I want the students to have fun when they learn! 

If you could have two front-row tickets to see any singer or musical group, whose concert would you attend: I love country music, however, I would have to choose Justin Bieber as I have been a fan for forever.

What particular sound annoys you the most: It would probably be a high pitch dog whistle. 

What animal would you most like to house in your backyard, if you could: My favorite animal is an elephant, so I think I would like to have one in my backyard if I could!